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What do I need to look for in a prenatal vitamin?

So you might be wondering what to actually look for when making a choice about a quality prenatal formula?

Here are my top tips of what to look for:
✅ 500mg of folate as methyl folate (unless you know this is unsuitable for you)
✅ methylated or active B vitamins including vitamin B12
✅ during first-trimester high dose iron is a big no, no! Iron in a prenatal formula has been shown to exacerbate morning sickness, so avoid it in your prenatal if this is you. Ensure you’re getting iron in other ways.
✅ however, during preconception, 2nd and 3rd-trimester iron is usually better tolerated, around 24mg of iron bis-glycinate is an excellent choice.
✅ Choline- this nutrient is essential for fetal neurodevelopment, so around 100mg a day in your prenatal is great in addition to dietary intake.
✅ 500IU of vitamin D – this will not be enough if you’re low in vitamin D, however, this dose is designed to be in addition to your dietary, lifestyle and supplemental intake.
✅ transparency on excipient ingredients (these are the binders and non-active ingredients), generally speaking tablets have more of these than capsules.

If you’re managing more complex deficiencies, or are seeking more guidance of dosages or specific brands, it might be a good option to book in and have a chat