Heck Yes! Hospital Birth

So you’re birthing in the hospital and want to make it the rad-est hospital birth ever? Well, this is your ticket, knowledge is power so this package will have you armed with all the information and moxie to have you feeling prepared for anything thrown at you.

Prenatal education, birth planning session (think bigger picture- emotional needs as well as physical needs for birth and beyond), naturopathic advice- blood test interpretation supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice and recommendations (14-hrs).

Ongoing text and email support. from 30 weeks.

On-call from 37 weeks, attending and supporting labour and birth. Postpartum support (3hrs) including postpartum debrief. 

$3995 (payment plans available)

Homebirth Like a Boss

Let’s do this homebirth thing! Maybe this isn’t your first birth and you’re ready to re-write your story, maybe you’re a first timer and have decided hospital isn’t for you, either way this is the package for you homebirth babes. Let’s unpack all the guts and glory of your life so you can birth like a badass.

Prenatal education, birth planning session (think bigger picture- emotional need as well as physical needs for birth and beyond), naturopathic advice- blood test interpretation, supplements, dietary and lifestyle advice and recommendations) (14-hrs).

Ongoing text and email support from 30 weeks.

On-call from 37 weeks; attending labour and birth at home. Postpartum support including postpartum debrief session (3hrs).

$3995 (payment plans available)

Powerhouse Postpartum

Want to kick postpartum ass and minimise postpartum burnout? Perhaps this is not your first rodeo and you want to ensure your nutrient levels are optimal, so you can nail your recovery? Let’s talk postpartum depletion, and how to avoid it.

Customised postpartum support can be added at any time during your postpartum experience.

3 x 1hr sessions, custom-written postpartum plan, plus boutique herbal medicine blend.


Virtual Doula Support/ In Person Doula Support by-the-hour

Conducted via zoom or in-person, these sessions can be made up of- prenatal education, birth planning, pregnancy support check ins, postpartum debrief, breastfeeding support, postpartum planning, support and beyond.

$180/hr or $220/hr (inclusive of travel costs within 30km of Bentleigh East).




Core Services

1. Virtual Naturopathy Consults

Naturopathic consults via Zoom. Holistic health support looking at comprehensive health history, blood work, health goals and working together to make magic happen.

2. Family Naturopathy Consults

Let’s get the whole family feeling better, a great option for ensuring children and adults in the family are supported. Supplements prescribed can be utilised for the whole family.

3. Vitamin Cupboard Overhaul

An in depth look at the supplements in your medicine cabinet and whether or not they’re the best for your current life stage. Save money by only taking products that actually work.

Herbal Throat Spray

A combination of antiviral and antibacterial herbal medicines in a glycerine base formulated to support immunity and reduce viral adhesion to the nasopharyngeal cavity. With the addition of vibrational flower essences to strengthen ability to cope, provide reassurance, courage and whole energy protection.

*Naturopathically formulated and suitable for pregnancy, breastfeeding and children.

Ingredients: Thymus vulgaris, Echinacea purpurea spp., Usnea spp,. Colloidal Silver, Angelsword, Crowea, Dog Rose of the Wild Forces, Fringed Violet, Grey Spider Flower, Sundew and Waratah. 50ml spray bottle


let's make some magic!