Empowering your pregnancy, birth & postpartum.

magic stars claire eden naturopath and doula
magic stars claire eden naturopath and doula

I believe that knowledge is power & there is never a time you deserve to feel more powerful than when growing, birthing & raising a human!

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About Claire

I am passionate about birthing people being deeply held, heard and cared for during their pregnancy birth & postpartum, through complimentary medicine, talk medicine & education.

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Let's make Some Magic!

magic stars claire eden naturopath and doula

How I can support you


Don’t let location get in the way of you getting the support you need during preconception, pregnancy or postpartum. With a range of offerings from Virtual Doula Support to In-Person Birth Support, I have you covered.


Ready to prioritise your health and well-being with a whole body approach? Naturopathy consults give us time together to teach you how to understand your body and systems more deeply and get you feeling well with the addition lifestyle changes, herbal and nutritional medicine


Support your immunity with my antiviral & antibacterial herbal medicine! Crafted using vibrational flower essences to strengthen the ability to cope, provide reassurance, courage & whole energy protection.

Morning Ritual

A normal day for me begins waking up to a finger in the eye from Goldie (1yo) who sleeps in my arms each and every night, (co-sleeping has been a revelation for me in my parenting journey), or the soft whispers of my 5-year-old Lottie saying, “Good Morning Mummy”; together we tend to the animals, water our ever-changing veggie patch, snuggle & begin the day with coffee - always!


Daily Routine

We do the week-to-week things, Forest School, Farmers Market runs, visits with the grandparents, a visit to our favourite vegan eateries and on Thursdays and Fridays I get to connect with incredible people all over the world via zoom, assisting them at various stages of their lives to commit to their health and wellbeing, I make up custom herb mixes and Lottie always asks to help, my little dispensary assistant -she currently wants to be 1/3 Doula, 1/3 Vet and 1/3 Spy when she grows up.

On Motherhood

Motherhood is full of wild juxtaposition; beautiful & heart-warmingly joyful but also hard & soul-crushingly exhausting to the core. My own experience of navigating pregnancy, birth & postpartum has lead me to see the flaws in the maternal healthcare system. It lit a fire under me to help as many families as possible feel seen and heard during these pivotal times in their lives.


Are you Ready to Empower your pregnancy, birth & postpartum.